Pronounced, “West-HAW-ten”, Westhoughton is a small town within the wider Borough of Bolton. The area is conveniently situated 13 miles away from the City of Manchester, and its closeness to Manchester make it an ideal commuting town for many of its residents. The Purple Property Shop have helped many individuals, couples and families relocate to the Westhoughton area, far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the busy main roads, but close enough to transport links to enjoy the benefits of a busy town centre.

If you are searching for a property to let in Westhoughton or want to buy a home, then The Purple Property Shop can help you. Whether you’re buying or selling, or are looking to rent out the properties you own, our team is ready to take your call.

More About the Westhoughton Area

Westhoughton comprises of several villages and hamlets that grew into what we know today as the town of Westhoughton. The properties have a distinctive character all of their own, half historical reverence, half thriving township. There are some authentic old pubs and landmarks. Many residents have lived here for years and still have not got around to sightseeing all of the historical buildings. You will find many interesting pathways meandering through nearby woods and hillocks.

Remnants of the buildings that propelled the region into becoming one of the hubs of the coal and cotton-spinning industries can be seen to this day. Elegant red-brick buildings stand out along the main thoroughfares. Old oak trees and parks stand as monuments to an industrial centre of busy urban life. Buying or renting a house here is perfect for singles, couples, and families of all ages.

Moving to Westhoughton or any of the other suburban areas in the Bolton region is an easy decision to make. Once you visit this happy little town, you will feel right at home. This joy will be due, in part, to you and your family finding the ideal property with which to make your home. Give The Purple Property Shop a call today on 01204 598979 or fill in the enquiry form to the right of the page.

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