As we are nearing the end of the year, it is important to check on your properties to ensure you are preventing any maintenance issues in this cold weather.

A change in climate can affect your properties in a number of ways, which can eventually lead to expensive costs if these are not maintained yearly. It is important to anticipate the risks of falling temperatures and prevent any issues that may arise.

These risks include inefficient heating in the property, damp, mould, leaks, drainage and guttering blockages. These risks could lead to big pay-outs if they are not maintained regularly. To avoid these risks, I recommend:

  • Bleeding the property’s radiators, so hot water always fills them to the top. This will maximise the heating efficiency, so that the utility bills are lower and this will mean happy tenants, which every landlord wants. It is also important to keep the property well heated to prevent damp and mould growth.
  • Having your boiler serviced yearly. Boiler replacement is very costly, and so it is worth paying a smaller amount to ensure the boiler is at the top of its game and tended to, rather than getting a huge bill when this breaks down.
  • Preventing damp and mould growth. This can be caused by a number of issues, however this is the main issue that regularly flags up in winter. Your tenants will prevent this by heating, cleaning and ventilating the property, however these issues can also be caused by external issues, such as leaks, guttering, repointing and roof repairs.
  • Check the roof. It is important to identify any potential issues with the roof, e.g. loose broken or missing roof tiles, which could lead to leaks and damp in the winter weather. Why not go in the loft, and check for any flaws by shining a torch on the roof.
  • Remove fallen leaves from gutters and drains to prevent blockages. As the weather changes, leaves start to fall, and these could lead to blockages in drains and gutters.
  • Regular checks on your empty properties. Whether you have just purchased a property and are redecorating, or are in a turnover period between tenants, it’s important to undertake regular checks, by putting on the heating and ventilating the property to prevent damp.

These small steps ensure you are taking care of your property, and reduce the amount of large pay-outs during the winter period. If you would like anymore advise on this, or are interested in us handling any of these services for you, please contact me on 01204 598979, or email