Are you interested in looking for a new Buy to Let property? Whether you are a new investor looking for your first rental opportunity, or a landlord looking to expand your portfolio, we have some excellent investment properties for you!

As a potential landlord, you will be wanting to maximise your rental yield (return on initial investment).  Rental yield is “annual rental income expressed as a percentage of the initial property purchase price.” It is important as a landlord, to work out your yield before purchasing a property. This can be done by:

  • Looking at comparables similar to the property you are interested in. This research needs to take into account location, property type and how many rooms there are.
  • Take the current market into consideration. It is the perfect time to become an investor, as there are many tenants looking at living in the Bolton area. Whether this be families looking for properties near schools, or professionals looking to live in Bolton as it is close to Manchester. Bolton properties will always be sought after, due to its location.
  • Seek the advice of one of experts. We offer free valuations of properties once you have completed. If you have had your offer accepted on a property and are looking for a rental figure, why not come to us to assess it for you? We have access to many sites and information that the public cannot easily access and can find you an exact figure of how much your property could reach per month to ensure you are maximising your yield.

We have some fantastic investment opportunities for you to take a look at to start, or progress, your landlord career. Our different packages also ensure that no matter what style of landlord you are, we can cover your needs and make the process easier for you.

  • Our ‘Tenant Find’ package covers landlords who like to communicate directly with their tenants, manage their daily needs and handle any repairs. We will find you a tenant that you would be more than happy with and provide you with all the relevant legal documents and a full tenancy agreement.
  • Our ‘Fully Managed’ package appeals to landlords who would like their property to be taken care of by an external source, rather than them directly. This includes all the services a ‘Tenant Find’ package offers, but also includes checking the tenant in at the property, managing their daily needs, handling any repairs that need to be taken and checking the tenants out when they would like to vacate the property. We have a list of dedicated contractors who are always more than happy to help with any issues at our rental properties.
  • Our ‘Premium’ package covers all services in the previous packages. Additionally, it also includes a full inventory prior to the tenant moving in. An inventory is a condition report of the property that includes photographs and details of the property prior to check in, it includes a description of the  condition and current metre readings. This is landlord’s legal protection, should the tenants cause any damage to the property once moving in. This package also includes inspections every four months, to ensure the property is kept to the same standard as when tenants moved in.

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