If you are looking to sell your property then now is a perfect time to showcase your garden, making it a great selling point.

Here are some great tips to attract buyers:

Lawns – sounds obvious but if you have a lawn keep it short and neat, trimming any hedges and tidying up borders.

Bins – we all have them but try not to have them on show.

Patio areas – this warm weather is a great time to get the jet-washing done on any paving, steps etc. They always look stunning once they have been cleaned. It also makes them safer as during the winter months when it is cold and damp, they can become very slippery.

Garages & Sheds – give these a good clean and keep them tidy for prospective viewings. Often a lick of paint or a re-varnish completely changes their look! If you have a garage, it’s important to make sure the doors are working and they shut property and also any internal lights are working.

Names and Number! – Have you ever considered giving your house a name? This is really easy to do and it doesn’t require you registering it and it gives it that interesting edge when selling. It is really easy to get custom made name plates which look really attractive at the front of your property. If you have a number, make sure it is clean and easily visible, and if you haven’t got one consider getting one so buyers can easily find your property.

Garden Furniture – If you garden has space for garden furniture, set it up so potential buyers can see it. Nothing looks nicer than a lovely garden table set with a few glasses and maybe a candle or two.

Garden Lighting – If you have garden lighting then ensure it is in working order, particularly if there are property viewings in the evening. If you don’t have wired garden lighting then some solar lighting also works well and are relatively cheap to buy.

Neighbour’s Garden – Don’t lose a sale because of the state of your next-door neighbour’s garden. If your neighbour is not in a position to spruce it up, then why not offer to do this for them. It will benefit you and it is nice to be a good neighbour!

Front Lawn – It’s all about kerb appeal. A buyer’s first impression of your property will stay with them, so make it a positive one.

And finally . . .

Flowers!!! – Nothing works better than some lovely flowers. If you have borders than pack them with beautiful, colourful flowers. If you are restricted by space then a few pots with an array of colour works just as well and it means you can take these with you when you move.  Remember to de-head them regularly to encourage further growth and to keep them looking attractive.