If you have ever bought a property then the first thing that would have attracted you to it would have been the photographs of the property.

It is the first thing you see and it is the reason you call the agent to book a viewing on it. It’s all in that first impression, the minute you see the photo of the new kitchen, spacious lounge or landscaped garden full of beautiful flowers. That photo makes you fall in love with the property because you can see yourself in it, cooking for your best friends or enjoying drinks in the garden.

As an agent it is our role to make sure every property we sell stands out and has that wow factor! It would never be good enough for us to select only certain properties to have professional photos. Every property has an angle that will be attractive to a buyer. Even a run down and neglected terrace house would benefit from professional photography. It would showcase the potential the property has and how it could be transformed.

We take our photography very seriously, which is why we employ two professionally trained photographers, so at no point will we be unable to offer this great service to our clients.

It’s easy to think that a smart phone will do the job and many agents have now turned to this as their ‘camera’ of choice but in reality it doesn’t do the job. A digital SLR Canon camera with a wide lens, in the right hands, can capture the width and depth of a room and give it the character it needs to make someone fall in love with it.

We love to boast about our photography because it works and our photographers Holly and Danielle are so passionate about their work.

We would never recommend trying to cut corners when selling a property, it’s most people’s largest asset and poor quality photography is normally just the start of a poor service, lacking in the passion it takes to sell a property.

Select your agent wisely and don’t be afraid to ask questions about the full service you will be getting. Professional photography means just that, not an agent with his smart phone in his pocket eager to start snapping the minute you sign a contract!