If you’re thinking of selling or renting your property I’m sure you would want to sit down with someone who knows the area and understands the property market in that area.

An accurate valuation on your property is crucial in making sure you attract a buyer as quickly as possible.

You may already know that some of the comparable information that agents use as part of the valuation of a property is widely available on the internet. So if your property is put on the market either too low or too high then either it will not get the attention it deserves or it will be sold for below its market value.

Instructing an agent based just on how cheap their fees are opens a seller up to poor service, a poor and inadequate valuation and ultimately a very unhappy customer.

I’m also sure you would want flexible fees depending on what services you wanted. For example, if you want to do your own viewings then there’s no need to pay for them.

For an open and honest property valuation from a high street agent who knows their area – whether that is to sell or rent, have a valuation with Matthew Jones.

Call us now and we can book you in with Matthew.