Have you recently had a new neighbour move in? Was that person a little on the rotund side with an impressive white beard? We’ve had to keep this quiet for a long time, but now that the move is almost complete, we feel we should be sharing this with you. We’ve just received a thank you letter from one of our latest customers and we wanted to share it with you. Our latest completed sale, and potentially your new neighbour is none other than Mr S.Claus. Enjoy.

Dear Purple Property Shop

As something of a celebrity, I speak with authority when I say that moving to Bolton is high on my to-do list. Don’t get me wrong, I love the North Pole, but the cold weather wreaks havoc with my arthritis.

Besides which, the missus and I need to have our own space. You can’t move here without bumping into an elf, and they always leave Lego pieces lying around on the floor. So, Mrs. Claus and I decided that a move south was long overdue.

Why Are We Moving to Bolton?

We did our research and found that Bolton house prices were reasonable. There are a lot of charming villages near Bolton for us to explore – Mrs. Claus has been dying to add to her snow-globe collection, and I’m sure that we’ll find lots of other great knick-knacks along the way.

What about my job? With current technology and my laptop, I can work remotely. It’s only one day of the year that I have to be out and about, and since Rudolph and the lads are moving to Bolton with me, that’s not an issue.

So, don’t worry – as long as you’ve been good all year, you’ll still get your delivery from Santa on time. You can always send your letters to the North Pole for now; the postal service will forward the mail. Because the missus and I are very into saving the environment, though, we’re going to try something new from this year. I’ve been building quite the following on Facebook and Instagram and more and more people are sending me message through these. Although, I have to admit, it is still my favourite thing in the world to receive a hand-written letter from a child, it makes my cheeks go rosy with happiness.

But, that’s enough about the internet and how we’re moving to Bolton. You get the idea – we wanted a change. The main reason that I’m writing this letter, though, is actually to help out others who are also planning to move.

I got some stellar tips from Ashley at The Purple Property Shop, who has been handling the sale of our North Pole home. We’re pretty sure that Ashley has now found a buyer who wants to make our old home, their new forever home, and hopefully they’ll enjoy their time there as much as we did. But what made the sale incredibly easy was the tips we received from Ashley, and we wanted to share them with you.

Arrange for The Elves to Be Out on Viewing Days

Elves are a merry bunch to work with – they love singing and dancing. We have a lot of fun. They do work hard, but they do also enjoy playing a lot of practical jokes, so we’ve been advised to get them out of the workshop on viewing day.

It’s not a hassle – we’ve timed their days off to coincide with viewing day. As Ashley said, the more cluttered the house is, the more cramped it feels. Now I don’t know if he was talking about elves, but why take the chance?

Hide the Toy-Making Equipment and Allow the Buyer to Imagine Their Future Home

Of course, part of clearing the clutter means putting away all the toys and toy-making equipment. Part of the reason is that we have patented toy-making processes that we keep secret. The other reason, though, is that people need to be able to imagine their furniture in the space.

So, that means making the place look as generic as possible. It’s not quite as cosy without the signed picture from my good friend the Easter Bunny, but I can understand the reasoning behind this tip.

Have Mrs. Claus Bake Some Cookies

There’s a good reason that I have such a jelly belly. And, no, it’s not because I eat all the treats when I drop off pressies – everyone’s allowed a cheat day. What’s more problematic is the choc chip cookies Mrs. Claus bakes – you can never stop at one.

She’s going to whip up a batch on the days we have viewers coming around so that the whole house fills up with that wonderful smell. To me, there’s nothing that says “Home” quite like a taste of Mrs. Claus’s baking. Try a bit of baking and see for yourself.

Keep Rudolph And Friends Away from Buyers (They May Not Be Reindeer Friendly)

Now, when Ashley gave me this advice, I was a little taken aback. After all, Rudolph and the lads are friendly, and they’re not likely to play a practical joke on visitors. They’ll get on with just about everyone. But we don’t know how the visitors might react to them.

The reindeer are more than just pets to us. They’re our family, but not everyone in the world will be comfortable around them, so they’ll have to head out for the day as well. I’ve arranged for them to go on longer walks on the days we have people booked in to see our home.

Okay, those were the main tips that I wanted to pass on to you. From here it’s just a case of making sure that the house is kept neat and tidy and that we pack away some of Mrs. Claus’s clutter.

We can’t wait to move into our new home in Bolton, unfortunately the big moving day will not be until after December 26th now as I’ve quite a lot on over the next couple of weeks. This isn’t an issue though as The Purple Property Shop is open right through the Christmas break. Perfect for those of us with less than conventional schedules.

With our property now being off the market, it’s no longer available to see on www.purplepropertyshop.com, but there are still many homes in the area to buy, and if you’re looking to sell your house quickly, there is nobody I would rather recommend.

Take care, have a wonderful Christmas, and you never know, I may see you searching for bargains on the market in the New Year.

Loves and kisses,