We are a very busy estate agents and one of the most important things we do in and around Bolton is the viewings.

Showing potential buyers round what could potential be their first home or even their forever home is really important.

This is why we ensure all our staff are equipped with blue overshoes to keep the house looking clean and to avoid all those dirty shoe and boot marks that can potentially be left on carpets. We also offer these to all the buyers on the viewings as well as using them ourselves and they are free to use them or to take their shoes or boots off.

As everyone knows the weather in Bolton can be very rainy and as the winter sets in it just gets worse. The impact of this on a seller’s carpets can be a disaster and we are really keen to avoid any damage and so we all wear our blue overshoes!

Respecting other peoples’ homes is part of what we do and we are proud of the care we take when we undertake viewings.