Selling a house, is a serious and sometimes complicated business. A house has many connections to a family or individual person, it may be ‘home’ where many adventures in life have started and ended.

Going it alone isn’t always the best way, selling your home can be made easy with proper advice!

Because home sales are so very important we feel it right to offer some top tips to sell your home.

Some top tips about selling a property:

  • Get the price right, check the locality and asses what other people are ‘selling’ their property for, if a property has been on sale for a long time maybe the price is too high. Get in touch with us, we can help you get the price right for selling. Property prices are on the increase presently; it would be sad to sell at a price that is too low. Our job is to maximise the sale price for the customer whilst making sure that the property will sell.
  • Going it alone is a bad idea. DIY is fine for putting up shelves, and even then disasters happen. However, with property sales running into possibly hundreds of thousands of pounds is it wise to try and do this transaction yourself? We take extra special care of anyone who wants to buy or sell a home. We understand buying and selling property, it is our speciality.
  • Control the sale, meet the prospective buyers. Be present when they visit to look around. People buy from people, not from glossy pictures, it is harder to knock someone down in price that they have built a bond with. This is your property, stay in control. Plus, the fact that if the prospect wants to negotiate it is better done face to face, with a representative estate agent present ideally.
  • Make the property fit for sale by making sure that it is tidy, de-clutter, make sure pets are under control. Kitchens and bathrooms can make or break a sale, put everything possible into cupboards so that the photographs show a nice open space with lots of room. Gardens too, try and remember that great photographs are important to selling a house, if the garden looks like a jungle it will not help. By selling your property with us, we will take excellent high resolution photographs of the property to help you sell the property.
  • Negotiate, be ready to negotiate. We will be there to help you understand what is required. Whilst a property may be valued at £x thousand its real value is what it is actually sold for on the day. People love a bargain, and it may be that it suits the seller to get the business done quickly even if it means dropping to the settlement price. We can help you with any deals you are prepared to make and make sure you do not go below the optimum price.

House sales and purchases are the biggest transactions that most people ever make, so buyer and seller beware, take professional advice and save money, and heartache.

If you need any more advice, just give us a call on 01204 598979 and we would be more than happy to help.