The Purple Property Shop is proud to announce that two new members of staff have joined them this month. After a large recruitment campaign, Kay Martin joined their team as property consultant and Keith Hilton was hired as sales manager.

Both Kay and Keith have a great deal of experience working in customer service. Keith worked in the public sector for 5 years which provided him with knowledge of providing superb service to clients. He was very successful in his sales and sales management career as well, but was attracted to working at The Purple Property Shop because of their values and ethos. Keith believes you should be open and honest with customers, and obviously this is what The Purple Property Shop believes too.

Kay meanwhile has dealt with the public throughout her career too. She’s previously worked for a pharmaceutical company and local newspaper. The variety of roles Kay has done means she has become a real people-person and has plenty of experience in dealing with different types of people and situations.

Welcome to The Purple Property Shop Keith and Kay, we’re sure you’ll do an excellent job.