At the beginning of spring, The Purple Property Shop had over 130 properties available but in total they have 190 properties on their books. The remaining 50 properties (26.3%) are currently under offer and will have brand new owners very soon.

This makes The Purple Property Shop the third largest estate agent in Bolton based on stock size, and is significantly higher than many other estate agents’ stock nationally.

According to recent figures published by the Daily Mail, the average estate agent only has 42 properties for sale. So The Purple Property Shop are performing higher than their contemporaries. In 2008 the average estate agent had 100 properties and therefore whilst many have seen their numbers fall, The Purple Property Shop have remained as strong as ever.

This is perhaps due to their superb use of the website Rightmove. The Purple Property Shop are one of 48 estate agents in Bolton who use Rightmove, the UK’s biggest property listing sites. Many estate agents in Bolton don’t use this website effectively, but The Purple Property Shop are experts at utilising it. The Purple Property Shop actively showcase all their houses through social media like Twitter and Facebook to reach as wide an audience as possible too.

Call The Purple Property Shop on 01204 598979 to talk about buying, selling or renting a property with them.