Do You Need a Full Property Management Service In Bolton and Bury?

Agreeing to let your property is a big decision for some people but there are many factors that have to be weighed up. The emotional attachment of letting someone else stay in your home may be a barrier to some households but for other people, the amount of work that a landlord needs to carry out can be a factor against this option. Even if money is tight and additional income would be very welcome, many people are unable to devote the time and energy required to providing a satisfactory landlord service for their property. However, if you do not have this time but still want to rent your property, an easy solution may be at hand.

Get help when you rent your property

There is a growing number of Bolton and Bury letting agents that are providing a full property management service to their clients. This means that the letting company, like the Purple Property Shop, will take responsibility for all of the duties that a landlord would be required to provide to the tenant. There is obviously a higher level of fee to be paid for this service but it still allows the homeowner to receive an income for their property but without any of the hassle or inconvenience of being a day to day landlord. Given that there can be many different tasks when you rent your property; this is likely to be something of great interest to many people.

One of the most important features when you rent your property is to collect the rent each month. Not everyone has the nature to be able to be strict when it comes to collecting the money, which could see the tenant running up large bills through non-payment on a monthly basis. Given that you rent your property to bring in an additional source of income, this is not something that can be tolerated.

Professional letting agencies that provide a full property management service will take full complete responsibility for collecting the rental fee every month, removing this pressure from the property owner. The firm will have a lot more experience in dealing with potentially difficult companies and will be fully aware of the laws and regulations regarding the rights surrounding non-paying tenants. If a situation arises, having the support and assistance of letting agents is likely to be a huger benefit. Some local councils may have different attitudes or approaches to the non-payment of private lets so being able to rely on a local letting agent will ensure that the correct steps are taken if this sort of situation occurs.

Insist on inventory control when you rent your property

Another hugely important feature to consider when you rent out your property is whether you are leaving furniture and items in the home. The difference in price that can be obtained by letting a fully furnished flat as opposed to a non-furnished flat can amount to a lot of money. It may also be that you are moving away for a year or two on business and therefore wish for your property to remain in the home. If this is the case, ensuring that the property does not go missing is essential and will come under the range of services provided by a letting company providing a full property management service.

Inventory lists are essential when you rent your property and a letting agent will be responsible for checking in and checking out the items at either end of the agreement. The letting agent will carry out regular checks, sometimes as regularly as quarterly throughout the year, which will ensure that the property and flat is kept in good condition. This is important but when it comes to ensuring that furniture and other items are in place, having a reliable inventory control list and system can make all the difference and will provide further peace of mind to you if you decide to rent your property.

Rent your property hassle free

The biggest problem for people when they become landlords after deciding to rent out your property can be the constant communication from tenants. Some tenants are needier than others and will continually ask for changes to be made to the property or lodge complaints about certain issues. This can be very time-consuming and very draining for you and eventually may make the appeal of being a landlord fade away. A full property management service will deal with all of these issues on your behalf, completely minimising any contact you may have with the tenant.

Given that most people find that their time is at a premium these days, a full property management service makes the ability to rent your property a more attractive one for many people. The trade-off of the letting firm taking a higher level of the rental income is more than balanced out by the comfort and peace of mind that comes with their increased services.